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If you've seen my name on ANY "We Heart It" posts, I did NOT upload them. Someone took a bunch of images from this blog and uploaded them there with my name attached.

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19th & 20th century tiaras

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The Five Elements of a Story - our character needs something to care about, something to want, something to dread, something to suffer, and something to learn.

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Trying to use up some of my old student-grade supplies. They have hilariously low pigment density and no standard viscosity, which makes for an interesting challenge.

Ughhhh shit I need to renew my driver’s license in two years because the photo expires.

We’ll ignore that the photo expired soon after I had it when my incredibly-outgrown shoulder-length hair got cut to its normal very short length, very soon after the picture was taken and I don’t look physically different aside from that.

And they have to be witnessed by a ‘professional’, and the only reason I got it done free of charge for my license is because I worked at a solicitors at the time.

I’m going to have a batch of four done and have them ALL signed.  That way I’ve got one for my license, one for my passport that needs renewing, and two spare for when both roll around because I’ll be damned if I’m paying witnessing fees again for it.


MOMA or NASA? are these images of modern art or false colour satellite images of the earth? (click the pic for description)

spoiler: they’re actually all landsat and aster satellite images. they were processed by stephen young, a geographer at salem state university who uses some of the photos to study vegetation change in the sahara. but they certainly stand as works of art in their own respect. so here’s to the beauty of our planet. happy earth day. 

(additional photos from see also: usgs/eros earth art post)

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October 7, 2014

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well, thats enough internet for today

good. yes.

OH. Plant monster dingus.

Hi I want a million of these pillows and I want to send them out to my family.

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i was joking but then i checked and i—-

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