The mostly-randomness, sometimes-anime/manga, sometimes-3D blog of a writer with attention-span issues and whose special skill is building flat-pack furniture without reading the instructions.


I write sci-fi, fantasy and m/m fiction, sometimes all at once. Please don't hold it against me.


Always obsessing over: cute animals and humour.



Some aspects of this blog may be NSFW.



If you've seen my name on ANY "We Heart It" posts, I did NOT upload them. Someone took a bunch of images from this blog and uploaded them there with my name attached.




My first m/m romance novel, The Destruction of Kirill, is now available. Click here to find out more.




Click here to find out more about my science fiction novella Three Graces.

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I swear I didn’t even look at the picture until I’d finished reading the post above it, then looked down and went “oh…  uh…  okay…”

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